See No, Hear No , Know No

"Choose words wisely before they leak.
 Circulate truth, not gossip in the streets.
 Take a permanent break from bragging routines.
 Noticeable actions shall be seen. . ."
One Single Rose

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"Do not be afraid or discouraged.
 Loiter amongst the bushes contemplating appropriate medleys.
 Proceed with care–thorns may scuff or pierce while pruning the angles.
 A vibrant display develops after toiling in the earth and heat,
 so exquisite labor takes a back seat to its splendor.
 Pasts forgotten, the perfect time to move forward is NOW!
 A journey begins from a precious bud to full blooms of feathery petals
 that whisk away with the wind.
 Exist and learn to adapt loving every single minute . . .

One Single Rose
Light You Up ft. Queen Rose and Amy Douglas 

One-Woman Black Girl Magic by
 One Single Rose featured in Episode 22 of the award winning web series Everything I Did Wrong in my 20’s


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