One Single Rose–Poetic Truth:
Headphones on, volume 100%, dark room, eyes closed while listening to One Single Rose “Poetic Truth.” “I Think Not” starts playing. Creative, inspirational and it teaches young women how not to fall for someone who wants to play with your heart. Amazingly my mind wraps up and intertwines with the words of One Single Rose, the bass in the back and the love lessons on this album “Poetic Truth.”
Troy Poet Lewis, Founder – National Poetry Awards 

One Single Rose Out of Darkness Into Light:
I’ve been familiar with Rosemarie Wilson’s writing and performances in the past. Always, she has been a poet that that delivered eloquence in words to the highest level. Now after reading her newest work, I can say Rosemarie has shown me raw beauty it’s most perfect form. Wilson’s poetry leaves your soul jolted and excited and makes you want more. I feel empowered, amazed and grateful I had the opportunity to read the literary works of Ms. Wilson!
Sylvia Hubbard

One single storm:
One Single Rose could just as easily be called one single storm. Rosemarie Wilson is a whirlwind of talent, excitement, and enthusiasm all rolled into one beautiful package. Sensitive, titillating and sometimes jaw dropping, One-Single Rose continues to wow and captivate audiences. A plant will only grow briefly in the dark until it uses up the stores of energy it has made when the light is on. One Single Rose rises out of the Darkness into Light with this, her second collection.

Hollywood can use camera manipulation to speed up the process and show a flower as it blossoms. One Single Rose is the real life equivalent. Follow her and bear witness first hand as this rare flower comes into full bloom.
J Michael Collins, Publisher
SSW Magazine

One Single Rose . . . Poetry Blossomed from a Rose Core:
Overall, Poetry Blossomed from a Rose Core is a good read for anyone whose life is filled with colorful stories of growing up, and has had things to overcome, but has managed to pull it all together by acknowledging that everyday is another lesson to be learned. To read the entire review, please click below
Victor Billione Walker of Detroit Poetry Blog

One Single Rose . . . Poetry Blossomed from a Rose Core 
links in big ideas and life lesson-type messages that will probably always be relevant.
Caroline Hartmann, Editor

Author Michelle E. Alford a/k/a Poetic Energy

One Single Rose—finally:
“a breath of keeping it real fresh air.” In this extraordinary book of poetry, Rosemarie Wilson has left no stone unturned. She has touched on every pressure point known to women from abuse, heartbreak, soul searching, insecurities, family, death and marriage. Rose is a prolific, dynamic and profound writer. Her passages are phenomenal, creative, emotional, witty and enlightening. I enjoyed my journey through the life of One Single Rose and I’m sure you will too.
Shaunda R. Hill, Author, “Saved, Single and Satisfied”

LOL Funny!
Ms. Wilson’s poems are witty, laugh out loud funny and damp-hankie poignant. Extraordinarily expressive and wonderfully creative, her work is a lovely and welcome addition to the world of poetry. I look forward to reading her next body of work!
Naasira Zaid, writer, colleague and friend

More please!!
The snippets found herein are wonderful minature gems populated with a coming-of-age sagacity. If these snippets were composed with the idea of being just snippets, one almost wishes for a bit more. You have achieved your purpose. Please compose more!
William Clarence Marshall III
Actor, Narrator and Opera Singer

I was impressed
One Single Rose was great, fantastic! I had high expectations as I had read your poetry before and was impressed, but this book exceeded my already high expectations. Please keep doing what you do as the community needs you. Your poems are going to touch people and make a difference in their lives.
C. Corbin

An incredible experience
This weekend I sat down and ready your book from cover to cover. It was an incredible experience!!!! You have really shared your life’s experiences — and I know it will benefit so many women who read it! My favorite poems are: Change, Don’t let Anything or Anyone Steal Your Joy and Can’t = Won’t. These three really spoke to my heart!!! I will be reading them again and again. I simply loved them. Your ability to share your experiences in such an open, loving way is truly a gift from God and a blessing to others. It got me to thinking that each and every one of us is blessed with “special” gifts but so many either (i) haven’t even discovered what their gifts are; or (ii) haven’t taken the time to develop them! So, thank you again for the book and kudos to you for the courage, and perseverance to make your “vision” happen through hard work!
J. Kalapinski

Addiction is Hilarious
Bought tickets to see #Addiction the stage play and it was the best show I've seen in a very long time. I literally fell out laughing multiple times at quotable moments like "I ain't got no pancakes but I got some syyzzzurrp!" and now $2.00, lol. I bought the dvd and I love it! I've watched it twice in just the last week. One Single Rose you have a bonafide hit on your hands. #Addiction is not only hilarious but has many teachable moments. For those who haven't seen it, get a copy of the dvd and when it's back in the theater take your whole family. Get addicted t #Addiction, you won't regret it!
Tylicee Harrison

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